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We ONLY focus in SPANISH and ENGLISH communications, so we can do it very well.

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SpanishTech Co. Spanish Translation Services, spanish web sites, web sites in spanish, spanish documents, document translation to Spanish, English to Spanish translation, in Austin, Texas.

SpanishTech Co. A Spanish Language Communications Solutions Company specialized in professional Spanish Translation Services and the development, integration and distribution of bicultural content, cross-cultural Spanish language communications, and seamless technology integration.

Including: Databases and Software Development in Spanish - design, development and translation; Web sites in spanish and english– hosting, design, development and translation; Presentations in Spanish – design, development and spanish translation (MS-Power Point in Spanish, Adobe persuasion, FLASH, etc); Multimedia in Spanish: Director in Spanish, Flash in Spanish, HTML, DVD / CD / Interactives in Spanish - Dubbing, editing, subtitles in spanish, captioning, voice over in Spanish and English; Podcasts in Spanish, SEO in Spanish, Social Media in Spanish, E-learning in Spanish - Design, development, Spanish translations and Spanish content development, (Spanish Web sites, Captivate in Spanish, Breeze in Spanish, Kiosks, etc); Bi-Cultural consulting, Training in Spanish, Hispanic, Latino, English and Spanish communications, Spanish Content development, Spanish an English translations Services, Spanish Content and Distribution.

For References, Testimonials, and Client's list -- Please send us a note, we will be happy share them with you.

Our Mission

To communicate your message across cultural and bilingual barriers. YOU can focus on doing what you do best for your business, and WE can focus in making sure your message gets across clearly and concisely.

who do we serve?

Our services are for anyone with the intention to communicate with Spanish Speaking Audiences and therefore have the need for Spanish Language Communications Solutions. Including but not limited to the service, retail, marketing, manufacturing, construction, health and wellness, communications, training industries as well as federal, state, international and multinational companies with a message, a product or a service that needs to be presented and communicated efficiently across cultural and linguistic barriers.

  • Professional Spanish Translation Services
  • Spanish Content Development
  • Human Resources Communications in Spanish
  • Human Resources Document translation to Spanish
  • Human Resources Handbooks in Spanish
  • Human Resources Drug Policy in Spanish
  • Human Resources Guidelines in Spanish
  • Sexual Harassment Training in Spanish
  • Retirement Plan Training in spanish
  • 401-K Training in Spanish
  • Cafeteria plans training in spanish

Documents, Documentation, Manuals, Work Books, HandBooks, Forms, Contracts, Legal documents, Spanish market penetration, English & Spanish crash courses, Bicultural communications, Bilingual training assistance, interpretations.

Small Business Services

Small business owners that have a need to extend their market reach into the American and Hispanic markets in English & Spanish through direct mail pieces, marketing materials, TV & Radio, web sites, interactive, presentations, collaterals, etc. Empowering small Hispanic business growth and success by helping with technology, marketing, and bridging the Linguistic and Cultural Barrier. Latino Companies

Small business owners that are from Latin America tat do not master the english language or the penetration of the American and Hispanic markets in English & Spanish through marketing campaign, media, internet, TV & Radio, web sites, interactive, presentations, collaterals, etc.

Bicultural Consulting Services

We work with companies that have their marketing strategy, branding efforts, advertising, web and interactive content organized but with minimal or no content in Spanish. In the southern states the Hispanic population is over 30%. Hispanics are using the Internet at numbers exceeding that of African Americans, and to par with white Americans in the 18-34 age range.

We are here to help marketing efforts cross the linguistic and cultural barrier by helping companies reach the Hispanic and latino population in English and Spanish.

Technical integration solutions

Seamless transparent integration

Will mirror your current branding efforts. No need to retool, or change technology, vendors, services, or anything else. We will work with your current, IT/IS Group, Ad Agency or other vendors you may have in place.

We integrate the bicultural solution to your existing solution transparently and seamlessly.

WHY SpanishTech Co.

What sets up apart from translating services is that we are very experienced with technology, new media solutions, ad agencies, marketing, and the important understanding of branding efforts and equity.

Bridging the Digital Divide – We work with small Hispanic businesses that do not use technology because they think it is too expensive, or do not know how, or they are afraid and feel left behind.

We work with small Hispanic business providing them bilingual technical services, and helping to understand how technology and computers can help them be more productive, have better customer relationships, and make them more profitable.

Not only we educate, but we also provide them with the means to obtain technology that it is affordable to them, and the means to promote their products and services in English and Spanish.

These services are provided to the Small Hispanic Business, at very basic costs. Our main goal is to empower the Hispanic Business to get out there, use technology, be more productive, lower costs, and promote their business.

Community – We give back to the community by teaching computers, training personnel, organizing events, and creating relationship through the community.

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